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Buchty a loutky - Rocky IX

na motivy známého akčního filmu
Cakes and Puppets

Boxing, kissing, puppeting.

Director: Radek Beran
Cast: Radek Beran, Marek Bečka / Tomáš Procházka, Vít Brukner
Premiere Date: 27. 2. 2004
Derniere Date: 4. 10. 2019

You will see a tale of a sad boxer, his lonely friends and enemies - a production about abandoned hopelessness and the inability to get back on one´s feet. Only when one is comfortable with suffering, can he then show, for the first time, that he can stand. 

Rocky is a hero. He is perhaps not very intelligent, but he has a heart and he has a righteous dream. And he believes in it. He is confident that he will rise up and win. So, come to the ring, and have another. And yet another and another and another.

The production received the prestigious touring ERIK for the most attended puppet production of 2004.

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